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Butterfly curtain is the fashionable choice of the curtains

Butterfly curtains are becoming more and more popular in the petty family, Simple sense with the cloth button and the bow like a small ornament, can give people a kind of warm feeling of comfort. Now there are many different choices on the curtain market, and the styles are diversity. According to the type of their favorite, we can choose the proper curtains. Generally speaking, a house with the proper selection of the curtain, the effect of the whole space is much better. Now the most popular way is to use a combination of yarn and cloth made of two layers curtains, at the daytime, the yarn curtains can make the a bedroom light not to be too dazzling, and at night, the curtains can shade and make everyone enjoy the quiet night.

Butterfly Printing Style Beautiful White Color cottage curtains

A light colored butterfly curtain with white marble statue, can instantly make the space becomes more bright and warm, it can not only make the room look more beautiful and has the rural wind, but also it can emit a small woman's feeling.

Some people want to build a luxury temperament in the interior, you can choose a pink butterfly curtains, cloth is intertwined with the silver decoration line, and the cut fringes will make each place filled with classical style. If you want to make the room become full of very happy feeling, you can choose a big butterfly pattern curtains, it can make the space becomes very warm, and then with the big red flowers sofa, the whole space is also has the sense of hierarchy. If you buy a black nostalgic style shelves, it will leave the better feeling.

butterfly curtain

In nowadays, the butterfly is not only the symbol of love, it is widely used in different designs. Just like the curtains with the different sizes and shapes of the butterfly will give the different feelings. The curtains should be matched with the surrounding, and the proper matching would highlight the effect of the curtains with the pattern butterfly.

The choice of the curtain to make our home furnishing feeling brighter, we can feel the charm of light and shadow to bring in a warm environment. The window is the channel that we talk with the outside; the choice of what kind of curtains can bring us what kind of mood. Just choose the curtains what you want; it would bring you a total new feeling.